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Centershot has one of the most advanced firing ranges in Michigan!

More than just a target on a slide. Centershot firing lanes have nearly 100 customizable programs to make you better no matter what your skill level.

Our advanced lanes allow a more immersive training experience to enhance your senses.

Controlled lighting and target movement mean that you get the best practice and most fun out of our range.

Bring Your Own Ammunition If You Choose



Brass recovery is only allowed with special preapproval. Talk to our staff about your request prior to use and follow staff instructions.

If you need Ammunition, you will find we have very competitive pricing and shop our competition to make sure you get a great price.

Firearm Rental

Want to try a different firearm?

We have rental firearms available with many to choose from and new rental firearms added all the time.

All of our displayed forearms are available for rent or purchase. The purchase price of each decreases with every rental.

Multiple Use Firing Range

If it’s legal you can fire it within our range. Lanes handle up to a 50 BMG safely, with challenging programs to simulate real world situations.

Fully Tactical rated for 50 Caliber rounds. Two Sections, one with 4 lanes using a synchronized target system from Action Targets. The other with 8 lanes using a programmable, synchronized target system to assure a clean, filtered, comfortable, shooting environment.