Maximize your experience and you savings by becoming a member!  We have several packages to choose from.

Individual Membership

Cost: 6-month $150                     Annual $250                  Lifetime $800

All Individual memberships include:
– Members shoot for free for up to an hour on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
– One guest can shoot on the same lane for half price.
– Members shoot for half price on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
– Cannot be used in conjunction with leagues or special events.
– Lane availability is not guaranteed.


Corporate $2,000

A corporate membership Includes:
– 200 hours of range time.
– The corporate representative must present a list of those allowed to use the account.
– Time will count as 1-30 minutes ½ hour, 31-60 minutes 1 hour against corporate time.
– No more than one-hour sessions unless prearranged.
– Does not guarantee lane access unless prearranged.
– Notice electronically sent when this membership drops to 10 hours remaining.