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whats happening at centershot this fall?

What's new for the Season

  • Centershot Gun Range RIMFIRE LEAGUE (BB and Pellet Air Guns are allowed as well) STARTING October 27th through November 24th we will be hosting a rimfire league for both pistol and rifle.League shoot will be a total of 5 days over 5 weeks, you can shoot either Tuesday or Thursday to meet the requirement.
    (1 shoot per week), FREE CENTERSHOT HAT to all that sign up.
    CATEGORIES: Pistol Open Sites, Pistol with Optics, Rifle Open Sites, Rifle with Optics.
    DISTANCE: Pistol 25 ft, Rifle 50 ft.
    COST: 12 and younger $5.00, 13 and older $15.00 (based on 1/2 hour range time with 2 10 spot targets, weekly score based off 20 shots) remainder of the 1/2 hour time can be used as open shooting, PRIZES will be based upon amount of participation.

  • BUYING USED FIREARMS Centershot is now buying select used firearms. It is best to call ahead if you are looking to sell as our buyer is not in the store every hour of every day. We almost always will entertain trades toward new purchases.

  • STRAIGHT WALLED CARTRIDGE It is now legal to hunt in the lower portion of Michigan with select rifles. Centershot has a variety of these in stock and available to rent or purchase. Very little recoil with great reach. Stop by to try them out, we think you will be impressed.

  • SITE IN YOUR HUNTING FIREARM The range is 25 yards, ability to site in your rifle is endless. This simply takes a little ballistic knowledge of which we can help you with. Centershot offers a bench to lock your firearm in securely and get it zero'd dead on. Shotgun, rifle, muzzleloader, hand gun, does not matter. This facility is capable of up to .50 caliber BMG and can accommodate most any hunting rounds.

  • TRAINING OPPORTUNITIES Centershot offers training from beginner to advanced. For all of us with the CPL remember that certificate carries responsibility. The advanced training offered at Centershot will help with that responsibility and has proven to not only be informational, but a lot of fun as well. Stop by or check the web for upcoming classes. www.centershotgunrange.com

  • MEMBERSHIPS Memberships are available from semi annual to corporate. All of these memberships allow for free shooting Tuesday-Thursday and half price shooting Friday-Sunday. For annual and semi annual members, just a reminder to keep an eye on your renewal date.

  • HUNTERS SAFETY Centershot is now offering Hunters Safety Classes, follow our website or visit the store to get signed up. These classes are typically limited to 30 students and are a free service to the community. Donations are appreciated to offset some of the cost of hosting theses such as ammo, targets, general utility needs. Students are asked to bring a highlighter, #2 pencil and ink pen to the class.

  • Be safe and shoot straight,
    Centershot Gun Range Team