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Centershot Range Rules

Centershot Gun Range Rules

Centershot Range Rules


-Treat this facility, other guests and staff with respect at all times. You can expect to be treated this same way.

-Uncased or unholstered firearms are to remain on the firing line at all times. DO NOT TAKE AN UNCASED OR UNHOLSTERED FIREARM OFF OF THE FIRING LINE FOR ANY REASON. (A firearm in a Centershot provided basket, with the safety flag in place and or an open action is considered cased)

-Firing line is the area immediately between the shooting stalls and immediately behind the shooting table at the start of each lane, it is NOT the back tables or any other range areas.

-You must be able to read and speak English to assure your understanding of commands, rules, waivers etc. Ask the range safety officer for details and clarifications.

-You are responsible for any damage you cause to this facility. Damage may result in these or similar charges: Reckless discharge of a Firearm, Malicious Destruction of Property.

-Any time you are in our facility or parking lot you are on camera. These cameras are recording and may be used to assist in any necessary prosecution.

-If you wish to save your brass you must notify the range safety officer ahead of time, it is recommended that you mark what is yours. At no time will anyone be allowed to reach across the shooting lines or into another shooters area.

-Eye and ear protection must be worn at all times within the range.

-Only one shooter allowed at each firing line at a time. Only shoot at targets in your lane.

-You must be familiar with your firearm or accompanied by someone who is familiar and assisting you in becoming familiar.

-Centershot offers first steps, basic pistol, one on one, advanced and many other training opportunities. Staff will also be happy to assist when our customer load allows. If assistance is needed set the firearm down on the firing line and request assistance NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING.

-Shooters under the age of 18 must have a responsible and knowledgeable guardian assisting them.

-You may load magazines on the tables provided behind the firing line, remember you may NOT have your open firearm back there.


-If you are shooting a shotgun with something other than slugs, a muzzleloader, an automatic firearm, or wishing to draw from your holster prior permission from the range safety officer on duty that day will be required.

-Food, and beverages are not allowed in the range.

-This is a smoke free facility. (tobacco)

-You must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other drugs while on this property.

-Pregnant women should have their doctor’s permission before shooting at this range.

-Absolutely no armor piercing or incendiary ammunition allowed. Any and all ammo is subject to inspection by Centershot staff at any time. (You are responsible for damage, ask if you are not sure what you have)

-Custom reloads are not allowed in any of our rental firearms, again you are responsible for any damages not only to the facility and patrons, but to our rentals as well.

-You must have read, understood and completely filled out our waiver of liability with true, accurate and desired answers. These waivers are typically available at the two IPads at our counter. Printed hard copies of the unsigned waiver are available upon request.

-Suicide or any other unlawful activities are not allowed, if you are considering such action ask us for help. We will do our very best to discretely find you the necessary help.

-When we have guests waiting we ask you to be courteous and make your shooting lane clear and available for the next shooter in a safe but quick manner as your lane time runs out.

-1-hour maximum lane time, you cannot extend your originally purchased range time if we have other guests waiting. Only if no guests are waiting or something is preapproved and you have permission from the range safety officer can this be waived or modified.

We at Centershot do our absolute best to treat everyone with respect and appreciation. We expect the same in return. Yours and our safety is of utmost importance at all times.

If you witness an unsafe or malicious act please report it to staff immediately, as mentioned earlier in this document, we will have the situation on film and will act swiftly to diffuse and or correct whatever it may have been.

It is with your cooperation and input that we will continue to do our best to offer the cleanest, safest, and friendliest range possible.

Thank you for your patronage and support. Ask us for help when needed and be safe.